Fx Week Europe 2016

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Fx Week Europe 2016

Please join “The future of Blockchain in FX” Roundtable | FX Week Europe, 16:20 @ InterContinental London Park Lane.

We are pleased to announce that FX Week Europe’s annual event (Nov.30th) is dedicating a Roundtable to “The Future of Blockchain in FX” hosted by Franck MIKULECZ – CEO of FXCH Ltd. The purpose of this roundtable is to get your most pressing questions answered, delve deeper into controversial issues, share concerns and exchange opinions in the most interactive forum as possible. Blockchain has incredible potential to change and improve our markets, but the hype has often clouded people’s expectations. This will be a chance to come back to earth and highlight the real opportunities that delegates feel are realistically achievable. Grounded expectations!

At the end of the session, all conference attendees will listen to a “quick-fire summary” of our reflection, where we will share our 3 key takeaways in a 2 minute public conclusion:

  • Exploring Blockchain’s applicability – how can it be deployed successfully in the FX market
  • At which stage(s) in the trade-life cycle can Blockchain be applied most practically
  • Overcoming hard trust objectives and realistic timeframes going forward. => Please join us if you are coming to the show tomorrow!

November 2016 in London, 16:20 @ InterContinental London Park Lane. For the full programme, please follow this link:

FX Week Europe – Programme, 30 November

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